La Louve

La Louve
La Louve...Garden of the She-Wolf, Bonnieux, France. La Louve is a private French contemporary garden, open to the public, in the town of Bonnieux in the Vaucluse Department of France. It was created beginning in 1986 by Nicole de Vésian, textile designer for the Paris fashion house of Hermès. It is classified by the French Ministry of Culture as one of the Notable Gardens of France.


Bonjour Provence et Paris!

Greetings to everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I'll be leaving Tuesday for a week of antiquing in Provence, followed by a week of 'sighing' in Paris. I promise lots of new pictures when I return. Meanwhile, here are some from my trip last year....

Am I excited? Do ducks quack!!!!

"I'll take it all, s'il vous plait!"
"Hmm...wonder what I could make with my yards of antique toile de jouy?"
"Jacques, where for art thou...."

"We could build the mas there and plant the garden over there..." ( Gordes)
"Or... maybe over there?"

"Splish, splash, I was taking a bath..." (Aix en Provence)
"Nice crown, Henri!" (Aix en Provence)
A rivers runs under it, though it, and around it... (Village of  L'isle sur la Sorgue
Shadows, sepia and mystery, ( Bonnaire)
A loaf of bread, a glass of wine and thou. (private courtyard, Gordes)
"On the street where he lives...."
"Wonder what's at the top?"



Trouvais said...

Bonjour April! So looking forward to "our" trip!!! Love these photos...esp. the courtyard. Could you bring a few of those pots back for me??! Trish

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog, love the green theme.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Looking forward to the next "crop."


Art Zone said...

April, enjoy your trip, have fun and I hope you find some "goodies"!

xoxo Sylvia

la Brocanteuse said...

Enjoy every minute!!! I have only been back from France 10 days and so ready to go again! can one ever get enough?..hope you find lot's of treasures, looking forward to hear about your trip on your return. much love Colette xx ~ Afrique du Sud