La Louve

La Louve
La Louve...Garden of the She-Wolf, Bonnieux, France. La Louve is a private French contemporary garden, open to the public, in the town of Bonnieux in the Vaucluse Department of France. It was created beginning in 1986 by Nicole de Vésian, textile designer for the Paris fashion house of Hermès. It is classified by the French Ministry of Culture as one of the Notable Gardens of France.


More meanderings through Uzes...

This wonderful medieval town has so many little twisting, winding streets - many leading to the Duchy castle - that it's easy forgetting the castle was your original destination!

As I wandered through the town, I imagined life as it was throughout the centuries. I thought about all the people who had walked the cobbled streets... shopped at the market square, Place aux Herbes.... swept the front entrance of their limestone houses... cooled themselves under the huge plane trees on a sultry summer evening... watched children play in the fountains. Uzes inspires that kind of day dreaming...

Remnants of the old fortifications

The Duchy of Uzes was established over a thousand years ago as the first duchy of France, and the castle has been occupied by the Cressol family since then. Because it is a private residence, interior photographs were impossible to obtain, but we managed to have access to the private courtyard following a tour. Besides the castle, the town abounds in extraordinary private residences dating to XVII and XVIII. Those, the Gallo-Roman aqueduct, the medieval gardens, and the cathedral lure visitors back time and time again.

Side entrance to private courtyard of the castle

View of the castle as you enter the side gate

Entrance from the courtyard to the family's private quarters and gardens


Trouvais said...

Bonjour April! Love that last photo: all my favorites! Stone trough, Anduze pots, arched top casements, gravel, boxwood, stone...lovely! Merci! Trish

Yvonne said...

Thank you for the beautiful photos. What a wonderful place to live. I can't wait to see the rest of the show.

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Very nice!