La Louve

La Louve
La Louve...Garden of the She-Wolf, Bonnieux, France. La Louve is a private French contemporary garden, open to the public, in the town of Bonnieux in the Vaucluse Department of France. It was created beginning in 1986 by Nicole de Vésian, textile designer for the Paris fashion house of Hermès. It is classified by the French Ministry of Culture as one of the Notable Gardens of France.


Doorways of Provence

Many pictures have been published about the wonderful doorways found throughout France, particularly in Provence. However, I feel there's always room for more!

Entrance to Chateau Constantin, an award winning winery in Provence.
Front entrance to an old Roman Catholic church in Bonnieux in the Luberon region of Provence. Some residences date back to the 16th century.
Solid wood door surrounded by a limestone frame. The building dates to the 17th century. Bonnieux, France.
Entrance to an antiques shop on a side street in Bonnieux. Many of these wonderful little shops do not advertise and are found either by word of mouth or by chance. Wish I'd kept the address!

Entrance to a private house in Avignon. I could live there.
Private homes on a little road leading to Lacoste. I could live there, too.
Discreet doorway and entrance to La Louve, a private garden in Provence.
This is how the French do it - climbing ivy, worn and faded wooden door, pale peach stucco siding and limestone lintel. Sigh. And yes, I could live there, too!